Argh me hearties!!! Tommorrow will see the release of fool throttle Pirate wear launching in playstation home lets mark the day by making you walk the plank :P just kidding  but check out the snazzy outfits and the adorable little Companions that accompany them


Now dont let all that salt water go to your head there is a bucket load more content coming this week including Dino from the guys over at loot aptly named the lootasaurus their will be 6 differant styles all cute and cuddly so don’t worry there lootgear have you covered :P

Also don’t forget to check out the all new Novus Prime store located in the second area of the shopping centre as hellfire games have gave us a nice free item in there tomorrow

Theres a lot more coming tommorrow handy hint check out home square for now this is trooth over and out :D

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