It’s official, System Software 3.66 has been rolled out, and has done…….absolutely nothing of interest.

It’s a simple stability update, nothing more. However, as with every single update, every….single….one, rumours are abound that this update is providing a stable base for the future integration of cross-game-chat. Like we haven’t heard that one a million times. Of course, given that Sony is ready to release a new PS3 model in Japan, and with the announcement that the Vita has cross-game-chat functionality, we may be getting closer to finally getting some sweet PS3 news on the topic.


In other news, as a heads up, the usual teething problems that come with every update are affecting a minority of PS3 systems, with the usual culprits of game freezes, error codes, and other arbitrary system problems. These are well within normal bounds though, so don’t be worried just yet!

If there are some real issues however, I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as possible.

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