Sonic the Hedgehog, Mr Needlemouse, the Blue Blur, call him what you will but on this very day, exactly 20 years ago, the worlds most famous hedgehog was born. So to celebrate 20 years since Sonic raced onto our TV screens, SEGA have released a number of Sonic-themed goodies upon the PlayStation Store. First up is the Sonic 20th Anniversary Bundle which will bring together a whole host of Sonic content, namely – Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 4 Episode 1, Sonic Adventure (along with the DX add-on), and a Sonic 4 dynamic theme. All this is available at a reduced bundle price of just £13.99 but by quick it’s for only around for 20 days.

More excitingly and some what surprisingly, the handsome folk at SEGA have also released a demo for the upcoming Sonic Generations game upon the PlayStation Network. This will also only be available for 20 days after which Dr Eggman (you’ll always be Dr Robonik to me) will remotely cause it to expire. It’s unconfirmed whether or not he will also try to encapsulate any small animals you may have around your home at the same time. We here at advise you keep any pets away from your PS3 on July 12th just to be safe. For those of you who have one of those swanky 3D TVs, rejoice as you’ll be able to break out those glasses and enjoy the Sonic Generations demo in glorious three-dimensions.

Sonic Generations brings together ‘original’ Sonic and ‘new’ Sonic thanks to some pesky ‘time holes’ the two hogs will then travel across some well known Sonic Universe landmarks in order to defeat an unknown enemy. ‘New’ Sonic will speed though levels that are played out in the style of some of the more recent Sonic titles such as Sonic Unleashed, whilst ‘old’ Sonic will bounce and spring around in a retro flavoured 2D-stylee. The full game isn’t released until November so be sure to give the Generations demo a blast before it’s gone.We’ve off to down a couple of Chilli dogs in honour of the birthday boy and everyone here at would like to wish Sonic a very Happy 20th Birthday.

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