It’s official Ndreams have finnally gave us those most epic of details of what to expect in the Aurora 1.1 Update for Playstation Home.

So without a further of a do here are the goodies to expect once this update for Aurora Launches

Just before that though I would love to say that Aurora has had over 1 million visits  in the very short time of 6 weeks so I would love to congratulate ndreams on this very proud acheivement

Ndreams had this to say on the matter.

We’re please to announce that in the first six weeks, Aurora has received over a million visits; more than the Taj Mahal and the London Eye combined!

nDreams CEO, Patrick O’Luanaigh (@patrickol) said, “We’re very proud of Aurora and the success it has had so far. We certainly didn’t expect to have so many visitors in such a short timeframe. The space itself is still in a very early stage; we have so much more planned for Aurora, and we’ll be adding to it regularly. We’re huge proponents of virtual worlds and believe they offer a great way to escape from the stresses and strains of real-life without having to jump on a plane. And we believe that the next decade will see rapid growth in the number and the quality of virtual world experiences available online.”

As part of the launch, nDreams ran a competition called ‘Aurora War’ which pitted over 300,000 players from different countries and continents against each other. North America beat their European rivals in the battle of the Atlantic, but Portugal and Switzerland the top two individual countries, narrowly beating a spirited fight-back from Canada.

And the future? nDreams will be revealing more about the surprising history behind the floating archipelago, and they have new areas, games and events coming up in Aurora which will be constantly evolving. And they are looking into allowing visits to Aurora using a browser in addition to PlayStation Home, opening up their virtual archipelago to an even wider audience.”

Now back to the Aurora Goodies enjoy.

Aurora v1.1 includes

  • The nDreams Collect-O-Rama loyalty cone. Complete all 12 tasks and win a mega pack containing seven unique items including two bodyguard companions and the enormous Flying Donut of Death!
  • More rewards for OrbRunner.
  • The Auroralite Hoody, the ultimate accessory for to help experienced OrbRunner players level up!
  • Fixes that make your Aurora experience much more stable and smooth.
  • Daily XP bonuses give you extra XP for visiting multiple days in a row!
  • A teaser for a new game in Aurora 1.2 and other nDreams content (see if you can find it).

Simply amazing stuff and no update post would be complete without having some photography :P


All Good for an update if you ask me and to when to expect this according to the @ndreamers Twitter account if all goes well it shall be next week which was tweeted on the 24th of june so expect a launch of hopefully the 30th


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