From the people, who previously brought you games like flOw and Flower, bring you their latest game, Journey. Journey received a very enthusiastic response from everyone at E3. This is the third PS3 exclusive to come out of thegamecompany and Sony’s Santa Monica studio.  In Journey, you take on the role of travellers who are heading towards a mysterious mountain in the distance of the vast sand desert.

Journey is a bit of an experiment in adventure games for thegamecompany as although there is multiplayer, there is no matchmaking, voice chat or PSN ID’s as they want you to fully take on the role of this traveller and have limited communication with the other character. This game is also partly about choice, you can choose to stay together, or if you are C3P0 and R2-D2 (One for Adwil there!) you can choose to go your separate ways (until the Jawas find you and put you on their sandcrawler! No just kidding). Anyway, my nonsense and probably not very funny jokes aside, this game looks like it could well be a winner having already won several awards such as IGN’s Best PS3 Game award and Machinimas best downloadable game.

So if you love a good adventure game but cant stand the racket of the kid with the high pitched voice shouting at you the whole time, it looks like thegamecompany have made the perfect game for you! The beta is also being rolled out soon, so keep an eye on your emails!!


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