This week sees and Incredible Lockwood Holiday Explosion!

From Canada Day to the 4th of July Lockwood Publishing are pulling out ALL the stops.

This week sees Lockwood celebrate the Global Launch of Sodium 2 with a bonanza batch of content. Soft woollen clothing, Sodium-salvaged modern metal furniture and a smooth 50’s Diner set Cucmber-style!

With Canada Day coming up on the 1st of July it’s time to grab your Tuque and check out the new range of Lockwood Knitwear!

Remember those cheesy nineties knitwear fashion campaigns? You know, the ones in black and white with people checking their watches on windswept beaches wearing cream cable-knit cardigans. Those days are gone. Lockwood brings the humble fleece bang up to date with their Woollen Wonders range.

Chic hooded dresses paired up with funky patterned leg warmers over comfy boots, or smart wool trousers complemented by debonair shawl neck jumpers. Buy a Woollen Wonders value pack to get the look at a reduced price. If you’re still cautious about going Full Wool, there are some accessories to add just a hint of sheepish charm to your ensemble. Long gloves, fluffy ear muffs or a tousled up do for the ladies, and striped socks or sheepskin mittens and hat for the gents.

Wrap yourself in fleecy goodness!

With the 4th of July coming up fast it’s time for a touch of pure Americana!

Cucumber are giving some classic designs a reboot, turning their attentions to the hey-day of 1950s design in this selection of stunning furniture. If you’re looking to create a perfect apple pie slice of Americana in your apartment, then this is the furniture for you.

The Dolly’s Diner range consists of bright red leather seating and counters finished off with striking chequerboard kickboards. The table’s just the right size to fit a few friends around for an afternoon snack. Or check out the counter sections customs together so that you can tailor it to fit your apartment, you can almost smell the relish this tastes so good!

You’d better stock up on goodies to keep your patrons happy!

From the world of fins and ufo style chrome covered design to the gritty future of Sodium. Sodium is far from just blasting robotic tanks and swooping around in Velocity Racers. Okay, so that’s a big part of it, but there’s so much more.

One of the keys to survival in the Sodium Universe is salvage. Combing the desert for discarded tech, raw resources and broken parts that can be reworked into something cool and functional.

Check out the latest range of Sodium furniture! Chairs and tables reconstructed from tank parts and old hover discs are the latest in apartment decor. Why spend hours in the forge soldering scrap metal together when you can let Sodium’s salvage specialists do that for you? Just sit back and enjoy the results. Or if you’re feeling sentimental old children’s toys are becoming the most sought after ornaments, with mint condition Drilldozers selling for a pretty penny on the black market. Don’t buy from some guy you met in Scorpio’s – pick one up from a Commerce Point for a fair price and VICKIE’s personal quality guarantee.

If this wasn’t enough it’s time to break-out the Firecrackers as Project Velocity goes from Supersonic to Pan Global!

During the Holiday Weekend Sodium2 will be holding a special DOUBLE XP Extravaganza!

That’s right (7/1-4/11)=S2+2XP

For a limited time only you’ll be able to work your way up the ranks twice as fast.

So grab your Rocket Boosters and roman candle your way down the Rocky Speedway!

Happy Shopping!


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