The race is heating up between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 to see who will get to be the biggest release this year! However, unsurprisingly (but somewhat disappointingly), BF3 is still finding it hard to pull ahead.

With the big media and pre-release frenzy going up like a big hot balloon around both of these games, you don’t need me to tell you what’s going on. However, the numbers are speaking for themselves. Despite an increasingly aggressive marketing campaign by EA, the pre-order sales for MW3 are still dwarfing those of BF3 on both consoles on the week ending 25th of June (last week), especially on the 360, where MW3 pre-orders are double those of BF3, and are still over one and a half times as big on the PS3 version (although there’s more pre-orders for the 360 version in total, as seems to be the norm).

Of course, I can’t find the PC version pre-order numbers, but then again, no-one on PC really pre-orders anyway when they can just download the game on release day from Steam or whatever….OH, wait, I’m sorry, EA using’s “Origin” now, but it’s basically Steam for EA games.

Anyway, getting back on topic, as time goes on, it seems less and less likely that Battlefield will really put any more of a scratch on Call of Duty than they normally do, which is a shame really, as someone really needs to make Activision start worrying. After all, Competition = Corporations invest into games = Better games.

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