Sony has been quietly working on a new PlayStation Store revamp, its supposedly will be more of a ” image-driven layout ” similar to the Xbox and Steam store. Sony are also testing the new design, which is less cluttered, and also less Text based. It’s also been sourced to be familiar to an “an aesthetic layout with logically marked sections and rolodex lists”.

It’s also meant to have a more improved search function, with an instant results while typing your selected movie, or game, without the need to get to a results page.

It’s also been know that the Movie section of the PlayStation Store, will look similar to the IMDB style.  If you select a film for a example, you will find the information regarding leading actors, as well as key details. You can also see the actors page, where you can see all the films they have been in.

The games section will also have a similar design where you can search for Genre, Publisher, Developers and so on. Sony also are planning to throw out the blue colour of the current store, with it opted for a more ultra bright colours on a black background.

Where if this is to gain back old and new customers or even preparation for the new PlayStation 4 or even 3.5 update.

This is still ‘ Rumoured ‘ for now, however we will be keeping a close eye on this. Hopefully finding the real picture soon, and will be sure to give you all the details on it when we know.

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