Impressed by the technology demonstrated in the Rosko, Fractal and Menace recreational mech suits, intergalactic military organisation, the Astra Corps, has commissioned Iron Fusion to produce armour for their soldiers.

The first batch of uniforms, specifically designed for Abyss Trooper units, ships today.

Other Astra Corps units have already taken to calling the Abyss Troopers, ‘Honey Ants’ because of the honey-gold colouring on the uniforms, and the unit’s role in forming an ‘Ant Trail’ for other soldiers to follow.


Abyss Troopers are tasked with exploratory and reconnaissance missions. Expected to go to dark, unchartered corners of the galaxy, they’re required to prepare the way for the more heavily militarised, less manoeuvrable units. Close-fitting, flexible armour ensures they can move quickly when encountering unexpected danger. To guard against getting lost in the blackness during these missions into the unknown, their helmets are fitted with emergency phase lighting and state of the art scanning technology. Their gloves incorporate a communication device to ensure no trooper gets left behind.

Join the Corps and experience Iron Fusion’s extraordinary design mechanics for yourself exclusively at the Lockwood Store.

In This Week’s Update:

  • Abyss Trooper Cuirass (for Male)
  • Abyss Trooper Trousers and Greaves (for Male)
  • Abyss Trooper Helmet (for Male)
  • Abyss Trooper Gloves (for Male)
  • Abyss Trooper Uniform Pack (for Male)
  • Abyss Trooper Cuirass (for Female)
  • Abyss Trooper Trousers and Greaves (for Female)
  • Abyss Trooper Helmet (for Female) 
  • Abyss Trooper Gloves (for Female)
  • Abyss Trooper Uniform Pack (for Female)

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