In a world where new games are released on a weekly basis, it’s almost impossible for everyone to buy every game. Yet as we have seen in recent weeks with the excellent Shadows of the Damned, this often leads to many games being overlooked. Many of these overlooked titles often turn out to be the truly innovative classics, that offer something new and something different. So we here at will make it our mission to champion these type of games. By all means continue enjoy yearly updates of Call of Duty, but once in a while try something new, you never know you might like it.

And where best to start than with Child of Eden, you may be wrong in thinking this is a Kinect title. Although already available for Xbox as a timed release. It’s due to hit PlayStation 3 this September and it’s rumoured to include PlayStation Move support and even more excitingly, it may boast eye-watering 3D compatibility. Child of Eden is billed as a prequel to Dreamcast and PS2 classic Rez, both of which have been created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi. The objective of the player in Child of Eden is to save Project Lumi, which is near completion, from a virus attack. If finished, Project Lumi would reproduce a human personality in Eden, the artificial intelligence inside which Rez took place. As well as impressive visuals, Child of Eden features music from Genki Rockets, who you may of heard before in No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise and Lumines II. Child of Eden is set to be a truly unique experience on PlayStation 3.

So if you want to try something different, now is your chance because have Child of Eden available to pre-order for an amazingly cheap £14.99 and it even come with a free T-shirt.

We’ll shortly be looking at another over-looked PS3 classic, mentioned early – Shadows of the Damned. Since it’s release last month, it’s sold a little under 1000 copies in the UK, even though it comes from the creators of Killer 7, Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Child of Eden is available to pre-order now and is set to hit store on September 16th.

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