Sorry about my low post count recently guys! I’ve been pretty busy doing work “behind the scenes” so to speak. Anyway the latest in our new video series is up! It is viewable from our YouTube channel in full HD 720p! We really hope you enjoy these new videos as a lot of work goes into the editing and production of these! If you have any questions please feel free to tweet us @PlaystationerEU! We hope these videos help you to see more deeply into what we actually do here at PSER and what the site has to offer!

PlayStationer is to help you get your latest fix of PlayStation on a daily dosage! As you can see we’ve already made small changes to the site, to improve loading times for the site, as well functionality. However we have huge surprises in store, and we’ve got some awesome interviews with some brilliant companies soon. So keep an eye out on that!

Also Competitions are coming soon, so please check our site to get your chances on winning them!

Official Trailer

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