Yes folks you guessed it! Its one of my long-winded GTA posts! Don’t worry I’ll try to keep this one as short as possible, but I really have came across some Grand Theft Gems here (see what I did there)! This is a bit off topic, and this is supposed to be a strictly PlayStation only site but I couldn’t help but want to share my discoveries with you. What have I found you ask? Well it’s a few Grand Theft Auto 4 mods for the PC but these are not just your average “lets add in a few real life cars and make people go wow” mods, these are full on conversions that could well give us some insight into what the next game in the GTA series may well look like if built from the PS3 (such as LA Noire)

The first mod was found on and was actually credited by Rockstar Games themselves! This modder used a few popular community mod tools and a strikingly powerful gaming PC to make GTA IV look absolutely dazzling! Rockstar have recognised this, which could mean that the next GTA game could look as sexy as these screen shots do! There is a huge possibility that this can be done on the PS3 with the help of its best pal, BluRay.  If what the rumours suggest becomes true, that the game will be bigger, and they make the game look this spectacular, Rockstar could find themselves buying a few batches of Dual Layered BluRay discs similar to the ones used in LA Noire. (Check out the modders site here)

The next mod makes me want to put Windows on my Mac and buy GTA IV. As I said before, Rockstar use their RAGE engine to develop all their latest games, GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and the ‘Stories’ series did not use the RAGE engine. People have longed for these games to have a possible HD remake or a RAGE conversion, and now it seems their wait is over! A team of modders in Moscow recently started to develop a total conversion for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City which would change the games original map from Liberty City, to a beautiful, HD, RAGE version of Vice City. Right now progress is looking slow, but that is the same with any conversion of a game (Check out their Moddb Profile here). It looks as if this mod had sparked much inspiration among the modding community as a modding team with similar goals recently set up to do the same thing, but with GTA San Andreas! San Andreas is by far the most popular and loved GTA Game, so the team over at “Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas” (yes that’s the name) decided to covert the game over to the wonderful RAGE engine. They have a video demo out on YouTube (posted below) and it looks amazing. For all you PlayStationers out there with a Gaming PC, the team hopes to release a public beta by Fall 2011. (Check out their site here)

So, where’s the PlayStation significance here then? Well the whole set of mods show great significance, as Rockstar have seen and acknowledged all of these mods. This could mean wonderful things for GTA’s future and may also make Rockstar think again about doing the forever-longed HD Remakes of the original GTA trilogy on the PlayStation 3. The PS3 with the power of BluRay has the capabilities to run a beautiful version of GTA, and I am sure that Rockstar wont hold back on making their next game look equally as excellent.

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