The ‘Mortal Kombat’ combatant roster is probably one of the most violent line ups seen in gaming history.

From slicing people in half to turning them into a screaming baby, the MK crew show no mercy, but we feel they may soon beg for it.

‘WB Games’ and ‘Never Realm Studios’ have announced the fourth and final twisted creation to add to the psychotic misfits and his name is;

Freddy Krueger!

He now sports two ‘Now with added Knives’ gloves and is the Jackie Earl Hayley version of Freddy from the 2010 remake.

His fatalities are based upon the original story of the scarred menace and are a nostalgic nod to those of us old enough to remember the original films.

The first sees our favourite nightmare appearing from behind the opponent and grabbing them whilst sticking his knives in.

He then drags them into a pool of blood before turning them into a blood geyser.

The second plays on the concept of Freddys original death. He summons the same furnace that he was burned in and throws his opponent in to the fire.

He then walks over and slams the door shut but not before the opponents arm is outside causing it to be removed from its owner.

Everyone’s favourite child killer (How is that possible?) is coming to the PSN this August and joins the already released Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain.

The only question is why did they end it there? Surely somebody wanted to add Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th, Freddy VS Jason), right?

Will you be getting Freddy? or will Freddy be getting you? Sweet Dreams. Let

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