As you probably know, Im a sucker for a good zombie game, but I’m also a sucker for an awesome Playstation Move game and House of the dead: Overkill is doing pretty well at luring me in! House of the dead has always been one of me favourite arcade shooters as its one of the most popular. (Probably because the machine has 2 kick ass uzi’s mounted on it) House of the dead: Overkill is a version of House of the Dead specifically made for consoles and saw its debut on the Nintendo Wii, and its fun for a while until you miss that arcade style accuracy. Sega must have seen the light when PS Move came out as they almost immediately started work on a Playstation move version of this game!

Finally I can play House of the Dead with that pin point accuracy need to popping the skulls of the undead and never need to keep spending more and more £1 coins every time the zombies get the better of me. Take a look at these screen shots released by Sega, they just make me want to load up my PS Move Sharpshooter and begin to dominate the zombie world! Be sure to head over to our Game Release calendar to check out when you can pick up this awesome game! Now, feast your eyes on these awesome screen shots!

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