Gran Turmiso 5, inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet and Motorstorm Apocalypse have all benefited from an extensive online marketing campaign that has been focused around Facebook. Many of these Facebook ‘Apps’ provide users with 5 minutes of fun with the biggest draw being the ability to unlock in-game rewards, PlayStation Home goodies or the odd theme here and there. With Killzone 3 SCEE really pushed the boat out, with their extremely inventive ISA Ultimate Recruit program, that bypassed Facebook in favour of a dedicated website. Things went a little wrong with the inFAMOUS 2 Anarchy game. It was basically an Empire City-flavoured edition of Farmville, and it was as much fun as sticking your finger into a plug socket (for those wondering that’s not very fun at all)

So we were a little wary when Sony and Insomniac Games announced Global Resistance, another free-to play online game compliment their upcoming PS3 exclusive FPS – Resistance 3. However this time is not tied to Facebook, which instantly makes things a little more bearable. Although not as involved as the Killzone 3 marketing campaign, Global Resistance does have it’s own website, which works in conjunction with the Resistance series hub –

Players of Global Resistance can take take part in a strategy-based worldwide war between the Humans and the Chimera. It’s actually surprisingly fun and as a added bonus achieving certain milestones will award you with unlockable concept art, videos and more importantly in-game rewards such as multiplayer skins, XP boosters and in-game titles. So it’s definitely worth giving it a go, you can join the Resistance here, you’ll need to login via a Facebook. Connection with the PlayStation Network is due closer to the games release this September.

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