You may remember way back in May we told you about the crazy Japanese erotic puzzler Catherine, back then it was looking extremely unlikely that it would see the light of day in Europe. Well wipe away those tears of sadness, as Atlus have announced the Catherine will indeed be seeing a release in the UK and Europe later this year, thanks to Dead Island publisher Deep Silver.

For those unaware of Catherine, you play as Vincent, a young man dealing with some serious commitment issues. His girlfriend Katherine (yes with K) has other ideas. However one morning, he awakes in bed next to an smoking hot seductress named Catherine. From then on, Vincent finds his life spinning out of control, as his guilt, doubts and fears begin to fill his dreams with nightmarish mazes and bizarre monsters. Catherine will offer a unique blend of action gameplay, weighty moral choices and gorgeous anime cutscenes.

It’s great to see a unique and crazy game like Catherine get a UK release, hopefully gamers will choose to experience something different in between the endless Call of Duty updates. If you fancy trying something different before Catherine’s release we highly recommend Shadows of the Damned from the creative minds behind Killer 7, Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill. This is another unique and inventive game that hasn’t had the exposure it rightly deserves.

Our copy of Catherine is currently winging it’s way across the Atlantic, so expect a review in the next few weeks and stayed tuned to all the latest news, views and reviews.

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