In this weeks Playstation Home update, Lockwood Publishing brings an impressive range of virtual goodies for your avatars to feast on, which includes Mechjets, Male and Female Sailor outfits and Sodium 2 Track Apparel.

The Iron Fusion Mechjets can transform and are capable of becoming fully operational jets to zoom around at high speed.

Male Mechjets Acer, Flourish and Vandal can suspend themselves in shimmering force fields, perform incredible sonic leaps and employ their jet engines to hover above the ground while retaining their Mech form. Female Mechjets Nema, Quartz and Plasmaya also have force field generating capabilities, along with a ninja battle program and the ability to create and levitate a light orb.

Last week Lockwood made sure you had the perfect outfits for the sunshine, this time they’ve got the sky and sea covered, with Sodium 2 Track Wear.

While the Lifeguards maybe used to blazing sun over in the Sodium Desert the nights can be cold. Endless salt flats reflecting the chill light of the moon – brrrrrrr! So the latest range of Sodium Track Gear addresses the problem of what to wear to Scorpio’s after the sun goes down.

Back to the beach and sailing in from distant climes are Fool Throttle newcomers Sailor Saintly and Cadet Cadence. Saintly is just that – a good-hearted gentleman whose behaviour is as pristine as his glowing white naval uniform. Cadence is a little ditsy and she’s more interested in fashion than fathoms, but her heart’s in the right place!

Both Fool Throttle uniforms and Sodium Desert Nights gear are available as value packs.

This weeks update list:

  • Mechjet – Acer
  • Mechjet – Vandal
  • Mechjet – Flourish
  • Mechjet – Plasmaya
  • Mechjet – Quartz
  • Mechjet – Nema
  • “Sailor Saintly” Square Rig Cap
  • “Sailor Saintly” Wavecrest Trousers
  • “Sailor Saintly” Sea Captain Shirt and Dogtag
  • “Sailor Saintly” Bright Horizons Shades
  • “Sailor Saintly” Deckhand Deck Shoes
  • Fool Throttle “Sailor Saintly” Uniform Pack
  • “Cadet Cadence” Ditsy Cup Cap and Pigtails
  • “Cadet Cadence” Maritime Mini Skirt
  • “Cadet Cadence” Naval Crop Top

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