Zombie games from me again? A bit of a theme is occurring here isn’t it, but I just couldn’t resist but want to share these awesome screen shots of epic zombie-vacation game Dead Island’s implementation into Playstation Home! As with many games, Dead Island is seeing itself being put into Playstation Home for all our avatars to enjoy…until you get eaten alive by zombies…anyway from these recently released screenshots it looks like Dead Island will be receiving a PS Home space for our avatars to roam around/get into arguments with random people (what ever floats your boat) but no, they have taken this to a whole new level. Instead of this being a simple space where you can mind your own business and look at things recreated from the game, they have decided to make this a full on infestation.

From what we know, the Dead Island implementation will begin with a few zombies doing what they do best in Home square, these zombies will apparently be builders and landscapers as shortly after, players will be wondering around a recreation of the island of Banoi’s Royal Palms Resort. This is where the Mini Game begins. This game takes on 4 players working together to conquer a Dead Island themed challenge in which they must create weapons out of what they find (much like the Dead Rising 2 weapon system) and use their special abilities to try and live to fight another day. Players will have to complete 10 challenges in order to unlock an actual in game item for Dead Island itself called ‘Exploding Meat”.

If that wasn’t enough, players can also have their picture taken with a zombie, (Say brraaaiinnnssss!) take a zombie survival quiz and win some Home items, or directly pre-order the game from PS Home kiosks which would give you access to the “Exploding Zombie Outfit” for the game. This should do a really good job to allow gamers to win in game items that aren’t available anywhere else (Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Microsoft). This could well bring back some of that home excellence thats been missing for quite a while, and I for one can’t wait to try it. We will see this in PS Home shortly before the release of the game (Sept 6th US/Sept 9th EU) so get ready for some zombie slaying, virtual world action!  [More screenshots below]

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