So we got in touch with ThatGameCompany, with many people on our team excited about there new upcoming game ‘Journey’. So we set up a interview with the Chief Executive officer at TGC, and we ask him a couple of questions.

1. Nowadays more and more developers are becoming involved with PlayStation Home. Not just as an advertising tool to promote their games but as a platform to show off their community spirit if it will be events or even themed spaces. Home has shown developers there is amazing potential out there i.e Naughty dog with the Uncharted 2 Space and Insomniac with their various Ratchet and clank themed Home projects. Do you think this is something that TGC would be interested in pursuing and if so what would you rather create if the budget is there; a space or items?

I think if thatgamecompany were try to reach our audience through Home, it would be through a space, since that’s essentially what we create on PlayStation Network. It would be cool to have some flOw, Flower and/or Journey-themed space within Home that would provide an alternative setting for Home users.

2. Do you have any plans to release Journey on the PlayStation Vita, or do you have other ideas to release on the portable device?

Right now we are just 12 people completely focused on finishing Journey for PSN!

3. Could you explain for those who may or may not know what Journey is?

In Journey, you take the form of a traveler heading to the Mountain. The game is set in a vast desert world with shifting, glittering sands and mysterious, ancient ruins. As you travel and explore the world, your goal is to discover what took place in the world and why you are there. Along the way, you may bump into other travelers who are heading the same way. You can explore with one other person at a time.

4. With Multiplayer being confirmed for Journey, how will the multiplayer work?

In Journey there are no lobbies, chat or voice capabilities. People come into your game seamlessly, as they cross your path. And you are completely anonymous to each other, so you must let your actions speak for you.

Will you choose to stay with someone you meet – or you walk off on your own? The decision is completely up to you.

5. Like Flowers and flOw, is the game designed to give off a calm feeling?

I think our games feel like invitations to our players to experience something for themselves, rather than telling them what to do, or punishing them for not playing the way we want them to. Just like with flOw and Flower, there are no time limits in Journey and no death, which removes a lot of pressure many players feel in other games.

Be sure to check back here, as we will keep you all updated here on further details on the upcoming release of Journey. 

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