Sony have just released their Playstation Move SDK in the previous US PS Store update, the Dev Kit is likely to come to to the EU Store as well with the next update. The software is called Move.Me, and what you get with Move.Me is a range of developer tools you can use to create your own games or applications using the Playstation Move and Playstation Eye. This software would be perfect to help Sony see how far some people can push the PS Move and really lead to some awesome future innovations with the PS Move once they see what this thing can do! There is one problem, and one problem only, this software comes at a price…this isn’t always a bad thing for developer software as they have a history of being priced. £4.99? £7.99? maybe even £9.99? well if these prices were your initial thoughts you were wrong to some extent. Move.Me will set you back $99.99!

Im not kidding, this piece of developer software will cost YOU $99.99 to benefit Sony. Come on, $20 would have been pushing the boundaries for developer software, but just under $100, are they joking? This is a really bad start for Sony as it will limit the amount of people who have access to this software on a great scale, so it
seems that you won’t be seeing so many ‘look at these new move innovations’ posts on our site any time soon. An example of a company who have done this right is Apple Inc. Their developer software is completely free to all Mac users from the Mac App Store. This software is called Xcode. Xcode includes everything you will need to develop iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac apps. It has a range of tools as well as a WYSIWYG editor to help you along your way if you are new to the development world.

Because Apple have done this, we are constantly seeing reports on how developers have ‘pushed the boundaries’ of Apples latest products. This is good mainly on Apples part as they can see what their current devices can do, and they can use this information to make their next generation of the product even better! Now you may be sat here with the fact in the back of your mind that the Apple Developer program (Which allows you to submit apps to the App Store) costs £99 to join. So it could be argued that although the tools are free, the app publishing is not…but with a Developer Program subscription you are automatically entered into ALL Apple betas such as new versions of the iOS and Mac OS X, and ALL betas of their new Mac programs or services such as iCloud. Also, publishing your app to the App Store takes no longer that 2 weeks to get approved by Apple, it is likely that trying to get your app onto the PS Store will be a very lengthy process. And once your application has been submitted to the App Store, you can earn revenue from App sales

This is a really bad move on Sony’s part as Apple really allows people to push their products, so far as just allowing people to jailbreak their products. Jailbreaks have been where Apple get a lot of their future iOS software ideas from, but it seems Sony will have to figure it out for themselves. I wish them good luck, but all I can really say to end this rant…sorry I mean post is: Sony! YOUR DOING IT WRONG!

-with thanks to AMG999222 for general help and the awesome picture!

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