As many of you may have seen on the news, the UK is currently in disarray. For a number of days now, throughout parts of London, Birmingham and other areas of the counrty, mindless thugs have taken to the streets with the sole purpose of causing destruction, damage and fear.

Property of BBC News

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Sony’s sole UK optical media warehouse based in Enfield, was set alight. Although the fire has since been extinguished, the 3 storey warehouse, one on the biggest Sony warehouses in Europe, has been completely gutted. The warehouse, which is owned and operated by Sony DADC, provided a large number of independent retailers throughout the UK, with direct product support and supply of music CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, software and blank Sony media products.

Although it is unknown whether the Enfield warehouse was used to store PlayStation products, a spokeswomen for Sony has stated that “There will likely be some impact on deliveries,”

We will try and keep you posted on any further developments, in the meantime follow us on Twitter for all the latest PlayStation news including how the loss of the Enfield warehouse may affect Sony and it’s products. Are thoughts are with the large number of Sony employees those have been affected by the events at the DADC warehouse and to who have loss their homes, businesses, and jobs through the mindless violence that is currently affect the UK.

UPDATE – a source at SCEE has reportedly said that as far as they are aware, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s operations are unaffected by the fire at the Sony DADC warehouse.

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