There’s no denying it, this game is gonna need a lot of of Zombies.

I can only imagine that is the first line pitched over at the Laughing Jackal studios. Being the sixth ‘Mini’ from the talented British lads, OMG-Z, was always going to be inevitable. Zombies provide a wealth of inspiration and are a safe bet for any developer.

The popularity of the undead is undisputed. So how do you use them effectively and not look as though you’re cashing in on their popularity?

You create the most entertaining ‘Mini’ seen since the very first and make it an accessible puzzle game that will satisfy the most blood thirsty of zombie hunters.

The idea is simple. You control a ‘cross hair’ and using a limited amount of bullets you strategically pick off a zombie causing a chain reaction of exploding zombies. Those caught in the explosion will unleash their defensive maneuver causing even more splattered brain soup to be spilled on the pathways.

There are 5 types of zombies to help you choose your targets wisely. Starting with the regular pedestrian zombie, which causes all zombies in a close vicinity to explode, through to the police officers, rifle men and acid spewing variants.

With 70 upgrades available to your weaponry, explosive barrels and the zombies themselves every dollar earned counts.

To earn money you need medals. They are awarded when you kill a set amount of zombies and range from bronze through to platinum.

My only complaint with this game is that it is a Mini. I got the platinum medal in all 81 levels pretty quickly and now wish there was more to do.

OMG-Z is available now to for free if you are a Playstation Plus subscriber and is available on the PSN August 17th.



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