As if the mindless destruction and looting wasn’t enough, a video has been doing the rounds on news channels across the world. The footage shows a young lad sitting injured on the floor, a member of the rioting hoards appears to show concern and offers the the dazed lad a helping hand, seconds later the apparent good Samaritan, along with others from the rampaging crowds, rip open his backpack and proceed to rob him of his property all in broad daylight.

Rightly so, the image has caused widespread, condemnation and sums up the moronic and callous nature of these people causing all this unset. But amidst the badness there have been small glimmers of hope, one of which has been offered by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Since the footage hit the web, it has been revealed the injured young man, named as Ashraf Haziq, is being treated for a broken jaw. One of the items taken from him as he stood bleeding in the street, was his PSP. So SCEE have vowed to replace his handheld and give him some games.

Speaking to a website set-up to help Ashraf, SCEE marketing director Alan Duncan, said the firm would “like to give Ashraf a new PSP and games,” I’m sure you’ll agree his is a small but heart-warming gesture of kindness from Sony, and for those thinking this is a clever marketing ploy, that Sony are doing for a bit of free advertising, we’ll remind you that Sony themselves have suffered dearly as a result of the riots. With their main UK warehouse, being burnt to the ground, losing Sony and many independent studios and artists, millions of pounds worth of stock.

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