Team 17 has today announced a couple of new DLC packs available for Worms 2 Armageddon. The Puzzle Pack and Forts pack will both be available for download in the US and Europe from today. Each pack retains all the best parts of the original single player and will also come with new trophies and themes to brighten up any worms fan’s day.

Team 17’s head design said that,  “No matter how good at “Worms” you are,  I guarantee the Puzzle Pack will test your mettle.Offering a mind-bending  collection of 20 brain-teasing single-player puzzle missions, which can  only be solved by hard logic and lateral thinking, 12 Trophies to unlock, a  new theme and a selection of new hats, gravestones and speech-banks, it’s a  test of skills for even the most expert of “Worms” players!”

“The Forts Pack meanwhile caters for those who prefer to destroy their opponents from the comfort of a well-fortified bunker. With a diverse selection of 20 new fort based missions to try out, 10 new forts, 12 Trophies to unlock and a bunch of new ways to customise your team, it’s a package that offers plenty of new strategic options and play possibilities for the discerning fort fan!”

The two packs are now available on the Playstation Store and will cost £2.99/$4.99/€3.59 each.


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