Cast your mind back to 2009, back then it was safe to walk the streets without being rioted upon. It was also the year EA Sports entered the tennis genre with their new sports franchise – EA Grand Slam Tennis. Initially first released on Wii, Grand Slam Tennis was due to get a PlayStation 3 and 360 version due later down the line. However the high-def versions were later canned, but tennis fans can rejoice as EA have today announced, Grand Slam Tennis will indeed be coming to PS3 in the form of Grand Slam Tennis 2.

There’s what EA have to say on the matter with their official announcement statement:

Grand Slam Tennis 2 is set to be the definitive tennis game, featuring all four Grand Slam championships. It’s the only game where you can experience the legendary grass courts of Wimbledon for yourself along with the US Open, Australian Open and French Open. In addition to replaying some of the sport’s most memorable moments in ESPN Grand Slam Tournament Classics, you can start your own 10-year career playing singles or doubles with a custom character. Outside of the career mode, the game features a roster of 20 tennis greats, both past and present.

Of course, the game adds more than just a shiny coat of hi-def paint. Grand Slam Tennis 2 introduces a new way to play with the optional Total Racquet Control. This system allows for precision forehands, backhands, overheads, volleys, and smashes—all accomplished with the right stick. The game will also have PlayStation Move support, which means you can get your whole body in on the action with each swing.

Tennis fans can dive into the action on PlayStation 3 in 2012.

Judging by the announcement trailer which can be viewed here, it looks like Grand Slam Tennis 2 will feature more realistic visuals and character models, than the cartooney ones seen in the original Wii release. Along with supporting PlayStation Move, Grand Slam Tennis 2 will also make use of EA Game Face as well as a whole host of online features we’ve come expect from EA Sports games.

EA Grand Slam Tennis 2 takes to the courts next year.

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