Being the owner of a PlayStation 3, you may well of heard of this little game called LittleBigPlanet, you may even of heard of it’s creators, the excellent UK studio Media Molecule, however you may not though of heard of Mr John Beech. Well we think it’s about time you do who he is. John is a designer at Media Molecule and he is currently embarking on a 2450 mile trip around the entire UK in a Kayak!

Now if you’ve taken a trip to LittleBigPlanet you’ll know the folks who created it are a little eccentric, but fear not John hasn’t been gripped by a random bout of madness which has lead him to paddle around the country in a plastic boat just for the fun of it. No John is doing this magnificent feat in order to raise money for GamesAid UK, which is a video games industry based charity that distributes funds to a wide range of worthy charities.

Over to John to explain things a little more:

I will be setting of from Guildford town centre on August the 8th, outside the Media Molecule Studio where I work as a games designer, and kayaking through London to the sea. From here I will paddle myself like crazy in an anticlockwise direction around Great Britain, before finally heading back down through London and finishing back in Guildford. This should take about two months (the current world record for such an attempt) unless:

1. I die
2. I die
3. Someone steals my kayak

You can follow John’s progress over on the Media Molecule website and head to over to Twitter for live updates from the man himself, but more importantly you can sponsor John by clicking Here !
From everyone here at, we would like to wish John all the very best on his LittleBig adventure and hope our readers will give generously to help him hit his target of £20,000. Find out more about the great work GamesAid UK is doing for a number of charities by clicking here.

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