GamesCom 2011 is literally just around the corner, and you know what that means? New games coming soon! Although there has been plenty already announced prior to GameCom, Developers and Publishers alike will surly have plenty of new games to show off at the show. The earliest bit of news regarding GamesCom 2011 was released quite a lot earlier this year when Valve Software, the creative geniuses behind the Portal and Half-Life series, announced that they would be at GamesCom 2011! Earlier this week Valve confirmed a new Counter-Strike game which will come out early in 2012 most likely via their Steam service.

The big news from GamesCom this year will more than likely be from Sony’s new Playstation Vita. It looks pretty likely that the Vita will gain an EU Launch Date for the powerhouse portable and we may also see some new game demos. I also hope that we get more insight into the Vita itself and its capabilities, such as the ‘New Game Media’ which Sony are keeping pretty quiet about all of a sudden. We will most probably see the range of launch titles coming with the Vita if it is dated.

Remember that massively popular FPS that everyones waiting for? Yes its Battlefield 3! (Got you!) EA Will most probably be releasing plenty of info on their new shooter at this years GamesCom. It will most likely have some exclusive content on the PlayStation 3 as Sony and EA are best buddies right now! EA will also probably talk about their PC download service ‘Origin’ as well…as if you wanted to know about that anyway. Moving swiftly on Activision will most probably talk about Modern Warfare 3 some more, but Activision being Activision means that won’t be at the Sony conference. Sony will also most probably talk about some DLC and PSN improvements and maybe even show us some new firmware which includes the PSN redesign we have previously commented on.

Borderlands 2 from Gearbox and 2K is apparently going to be playable on the show floor, which is a fact that really annoys me when I get invited but am unable to attend the show! GamesCom is notoriously hard to predict upon, so we will have to wait and see. There has been word of a PS3 price drop, but only the conference will tell us that. Be sure to watch Sony’s conference live on their Facebook page (Sony Playstation) tomorrow evening or morning (depending on where you are in the world) Until then be sure to tell us your predictions on Twitter @PlaystationerEU or on the forums! Until then I bid you GoodBye!

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