EA have kicked off Gamescom 2011 in style with a a host of exciting announcements, new info and even a new game thrown in for good measure. We’ll be taking a more in-depth look at some of the announcements soon, until then cast your eyes over our news breakdown of the EA Gamescom Press Briefing :

  • FIFA Street returns sporting a more realistic look. It will make use of the newly announced FIFA Football Club service. It will hit PS3 early next year.
  •  New gameplay footage of Need for Speed: The Run was shown, featuring a high speed chase over snow capped mountains, as an avalanche rages all around you. We have to say it has swayed us a little. NFS: The Run is in store November 18th
  • New combat footage was shown for Mass Effect 3 little else to say. It looks great and does what you’d expect Mass Effect to do.
  • SSX with feature an Autolog-like system called RiderNET allowing players to share ghosts and track their friends, as you all take on the real life mountain ranges.
  • FIFA 12 in released in little over a months time. As ever it will improve upon last years edition. Will also feature a Youth Academy this year and Ultimate Team will be available as the game hits retail.
  • Battlefield 3 Co-op gameplay shown (demoed live on PS3) this was followed by a sizzle trail – featuring some awesome looking jet-based aerial combat.
Compared to their E3 efforts, EA’s Gamescom showing was rather impressive. Only 2 mentions of Origin and not a iPhone/iPad game in sight. Although there was a fleeting mention of BF3 on ‘handhelds’ so maybe a PS Vita version is in the works. Stay tuned for the Sony Conference.

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