Tonight in the German city of Cologne, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe took to the stage to showcase their upcoming wares for the European market. To many Gamescom is seen as Europe’s answer to E3 and it was nice to see SCEE put some effort into this years press conference. We watched the livestream and have collated the announcements and reveals below. Keep an eye right here on for further in-depth looks at all the PlayStation going-ons happening in Gamescom.

  • PlayStation Vita will feature ‘Social Applications’ in the form of official Vita versions of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Skype. These join already announced network features such as Near and Party, as well as fully PSN Trophy intergration and connection to the PlayStation Store.
  • Resistance Vita now has a name Resistance Burning Skies takes place before the events of Resistance 2. In Burning Skies you play as a NYC Fireman, who as well as wielding a selection of well known Resistance weaponry,  has access to a axe for melee attacks. Touch screen controls were also shown and they seem to be a nice addition to the full DUALSHOCK-like set-up.
  • A new IP for PS Vita was revealed – Escape Plan, a slapstick puzzle platformer, in which you must guide Lil and Laarg through a labyrinth of booby trapped environments, the unique artstyle and silly sense of humour makes this one of the shows stand-out titles.
  • Ubisoft will be supporting the Vita with a number of titles including an all new adventure for the Assassin’s Creed franchise. This new title in the Creed series  with make full use of the Vita’s control and network feature.
  • Other Third-party titles coming to Vita include Call of Duty, Virtua Tennis, Bioshock and FIFA to name but a few.
  • The most surprising announcement was that of a new PSP model (yes you read that correctly) the new model lack some features like Wi-fi but will be priced at €99, it seems Sony may be trying to aim this new model at younger gamers, as they have done with PSone and PS2.
  • PS3 and PlayStation Move see the release of  DanceStar Party and Move Fitness. It was also randomly announced that FIFA 13 would be gaining Move-support.
  • The E3 announce 3D display will see a European release in time for Christmas, priced a €499, it will come with 2 pairs of 3D glasses (no word on a bundled game)
  • Newly acquired 1st party studio Sucker Punch are working on a Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare-like add-on for inFamous 2 called Festival of Blood, which see’s New Marais overcome by vampires. This is coming to the PlayStation Store this October.
  • Lastly with immediate effect the worldwide price of PS3 drops to $249/€249 early reports suggest a UK price of £199.
Check out all this week for further details on today’s announcements and all the other PlayStation related news from Gamescom.

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