So I’m sure many of you have been waiting for the results from the latest Silicon Lounge Apartment competition. Well you are in luck, as its time to announce the winners!

I want to say thank you to all those who took part of the competition, as well as welcoming our new members to the site. However, the four winners to win the Silicon Lounge apartment are:

  • Tejag
  • Jester
  • FightFull
  • Salviane
Congratulations to the winner, however there are the two runner up prizes. Which is a Sodium Starter Pack! The runners up are as follows: 
  • Loonytoon1982
  • fritches

Congratulations to all those that won, including the runners up! The winners & runners up will recieve a Redeem code soon, including how you can redeem the code on the PlayStation Store. 

We will be doing more competitions like this soon, and hopefully to win something a little bit different that usual! So keep an eye on PSER for more information in the coming weeks.

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