Hey guys,

Well some of you have probably asking yourselves where has the team gone? Mainly as there hasn’t been many updates regarding news, competitions, and just the odd little posts this week. 

Majority of the staff have been a way on holiday including myself for the whole of this week, and only some of us are back and catching up. Personally I would of loved to of given a shout out, that this week might be a bit slow on the blog side of things. However packing, and getting organized for my trip on holiday was where my most concentration was last weekend. 

I would like to apologies now, as we only are all Volunteers so it can be very odd at times. But I appreciate the whole team for there support and work within the site. 

Everything should go back to normal next week, and maybe with a bit of a twist? You never know! 

Enjoy your weekend!

Jake, Co-Founder of PSER

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