The sneaky folks at Media Molecule have released update 1.06 for LittleBigPlanet 2 and with it the ability to control little Sackboy with the power of the PlayStation Move Motion Controller. I had the chance to try the upcoming Move Pack along with this new control scheme at the recent PlayStation Access Live event and it works extremely well. You’ll still need to use a DUALSHOCK3 controller or better still a PlayStation Move Navigation Controller to control the movement of Sackboy but not aiming control is taken care of via the Move.

Once ‘The Move Pack’ DLC is released next week via the PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to fully sample even more Move-enabled hi-jinx, such as the ability to create and play levels that include Move moveable objects. The ‘Move Pack’ will also feature all new levels, new materials, Creator tools, Stickers, sounds and of course Sackboy costumes. It’s expected to hit the US PlayStation Store next Tuesday and the following day in Europe and the UK.

Until then be on the look out for update 1.06 next time you start up LittleBigPlanet 2, power up those PlayStation Moves and experience Sackboy in a whole new way.

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