We are nearing the end of one of the sparsest summers ever. It has been a long time since I didn’t eagerly await the weekend for a new gaming experience. For some, Deus Ex:HR finally doused the barren gaming landscape, for me it was nothing more than a gray cloud. The teasing glisten of rain only to be disappointed by a single drop from a cloud that has since floated on.

I wasn’t shocked to hear a few copies of Deus Ex had been traded in before the release weekend was out.

It looks like our wait is finally over. Now is the time to build up the fiscal defense, for our wallets will face a storm. A storm which has no equal, it has gathered in size with the various Collectibles it brings with it. There is no escape you will live through it, but, how much damage will be done?

I am of course talking about The christmas period. The time of year when almost all gamers have no money but loads of brand new games on their shelves.

If you are anything like me, then you are already doing the sums. I have to take Batman: Arkham City CE, WWE 12 CE, Uncharted 3 Explorers Edition, Child of Eden, GOW Collection Volume 2 and the Ico Collection into my workings.

There are a few games missing that aren’t as high a priority for myself, Need For Speed:The Run, Skyrim and Ratchet &Clank All 4 one.

So why the ramble? Well we here at playstationer.net want to know;

What are you Buying, Renting or asking Santa for?

Are you excited about the long arduous wait in a cue for Call of Duty or are you going to give Battlefield a shot?

Have you even considered Child of Eden?



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