Tomorrow ( Thursday 29th September 2011 ) PlayStation Home will be recieving a Home Client update. This involves many new features such as the start-up flow will now display a variety of information depending on how recently you last visited PlayStation Home. More information and the new features and improvements about 1.55v can be found below:

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nDreams releases a brand new apartment tomorrow. But an apartment like no other! I think the video is best to watch first before I go into detail:

The new  Ansada Fone apartment which launches in PlayStation Home (EU, North America and Asia) tomorrow. Will be a completely unique apartment. It definately is like no other, its a 4 storey cartoon house, view with a unique side-on camera/screen. You can invite your friends over and play a 4 player mini game, which allows your friends to chill out or redecorate! Awesome right?

This truly unique apartment is unlike anything you have seen before in Home. The Ansada Fone apartment is a massive 4-storey cartoon house viewed with a unique side-on camera, where you can play a frantic 4 player mini game with your friends or chill out and redecorate. Will you get there in time to Ansada Fone?

Not only that, for fans of the Aurora Space.  Aurora 1.2 will now be launching NEXT Thursday (6th October) in EU, North America and Asia.We’ll provide lots of information about that including a video and screenshots next week.


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