As we enter fall; typically the best time of year for triple A release’s, I’ve been left with this nagging question. Why all of a sudden have we been subjected to all these HD and controller remakes?

Does the video game market really need these?

If we take a little look at some of the titles that have been re-released over the last couple of years we find the likes of, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, God of War 1,2 and their PSP counterparts, Metroid Prime Trilogy, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, Pokemon Gold and Silver, Red and Blue, Metal Gear Solid collection, Halo, Splinter Cell Trilogy, and the Resident Evil series, in particular Resident Evil 4 which went from the Gamecube toPS2, WII, and eventually the PS3 through the Playstation Network.

 I love it when companies take risks, for example Borderlands was an absolute brilliant video game and ranks highly in my gaming experiences. I loved the unique mix between a FPS and a RPG and I also adored the unique graphical style and the truly amazing cast. However these experiences are not as prominent as they should be.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with companies re-releasing old games, in fact I have recently purchased the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus pack and have owned the Prince of Persia trilogy due to them being games that I never had the privilege of playing. But I cannot condone companies that would rather spend a year buffing up old games just for a quick buck, then spending their time and effort upgrading their next instalments or creating new IPs.

I don’t want Capcom to spend a year buffing up Resident Evil 4 and releasing it for an extortionate price, instead of making Resident Evil 6 the upgrade to the series that 4 was. It seriously needs it after what EA have done with the Dead Space series, which in many people’s experience is now the pinnacle in the survival horror genre.

I don’t want Resident Evil 4 released for the PSN just for a quick buck, it’s been played by millions all ready and the addition of a couple of trophies is not going to make me shell out for it again.

Exactly what has happened to the Last Guardian? No one knows, but we do know they managed to find the time re-release ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Now many people are thank full for the ability to play these beauties in HD and with trophy support, but I cannot help but wonder if their time would have been better spent on the Last Guardian instead. Maybe we may have even seen it by now!

We’re getting a nice little Metal Gear Solid HD pack soon, but what the hell happened to Rising?

I assume it’s still in the works and hasn’t been cancelled. However I’d rather play and experience Rising rather than play through (admittedly quality) games again where I know the story line and how to beat them; just so I can have a better picture and collect some trophies for my collection

If you have never played the games before then fine, I fully appreciate why you would be excited, but if you have, surely you’d be better of saving your money for the new, more exciting games such as Batman Arkham City for example.

I’m all for people experiencing games they never had the luxury of playing in the past, but what was wrong with firing up the old PS2 to play Resident Evil 4 or Prince of Persia?

Are we going to have Bioshock 1&2 re-released for the PS4 because of some new technological or graphical/controller enhancement?And don’t classic games loose that title when they have been dragged from one generation to the next?

I certainly don’t look at Ocarina the Time the same way as I did back on the N64; but maybe I’m just not with the times.

What happened to this?

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