We are all guilty of being overly zealous about a game from time to time, Whether it’s the guy that has all of the ‘Final Fantasy VII’ action figures and a girlfriend called ‘Aerith’ or the lady that has ‘Parappa’ tattooed on her foot, we all need to express our reasons for making that one game mean more to ourselves than any other person in the world.

Like many of you reading this I collect gaming figures but I feel this is not an entitlement to ownership. Anyone can walk into a store and purchase an officially licensed action figure. Not everyone can achieve a platinum trophy. I can shout and yell about how much I love a game but without that glistening platinum trophy on my scorecard my arguments are null and void.

There is an obvious flaw in this piece. If you have owned or played ‘Terminator Salvation’ through on hard mode the platinum trophy practically unlocks itself. I am not talking games that require. I am talking about the ones that make you lose sleep, sweat and bleed. The trophies that actually give you a sense of achievement.

I have 2 PS3 franchises that I will defend to death and call my own. They are ‘Infamous’ and ‘God of War’. For those of you that have experienced the shard or stunt trophy in ‘Infamous’ or the ‘Challenge of Hades’ in ‘God of War: Chains of Olympus’ you will understand the feeling of ownership entitlement I have.

Between the ‘God of War’ and ‘Infamous’ franchises I have 7 ¬†Platinum trophies. To get their I have had to finish each game at least twice and on hard mode or above. I have spent over 200 hours exploring a vast city and tearing mythological creatures a new hole.


So, I throw down the gauntlet, I want to be wowed by the amazing work you have done. I want to say ‘hi’ to the person that has achieved the Platinum trophy on ‘Gran Turismo 5’ and bow to those that have earned the god-damned ‘Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine’ trophy.

Speak up Playstationers, here is your chance to be proud to show your trophies and let the world see them.


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