Battlefield 3 is one the most highly anticipated games, alongside their rivals Call of duty both releasing near each other. However the UK programme The Gadget Show will gain exclusive access to play on a hand-built simulator! Just to show you how good it is, we’ve got a video from The Gadget Show for you guys to watch.

Jason Bradbury & Suzi Perry got a team experts to put together some of the most highest technology out there to build a one off creation for Battlefield 3. It total, it cost them £500,000! ( $650,000 ).

Designed by Swedish company MSE Weibull,  the simulator lets you control the movements of a Battlefield 3 character with your own body.  It also includes 12 paintball markers to allow the player in real time to feel ( the pain! ) of gunfire experience. With also a wireless gun sustem, ambient LED lighting and a Hacked Kinect Camera. Making you completely feel as if your immersed into the game itself.

The Gadget Show came up with the idea during summer in July, when they realised that graphically-sophisticated games are held back only by the way many of us play them, by sitting in front of a tv.  So they came up with an idea by projecting the game inside a 360-degree, 4 metre high and 9 metre wide video dome provided by Igloo Vision.

With infra-red tracking cameras, its monitored real-time movement which then the data is being sent to a PC running battlefield 3. Allowing you to control the speed and direction of the character within the game. Using the same cameras which also track the direction of where the gamer points his/her wireless gun allowing the simulator to rotate 180-degree image to keep the gamer immersed into the action.

The Gadget Show:

The immersive experience is completed by a pixel-mapped, ambient LED lighting system used to flood the dome with colours direct from the game; and a bespoke Kinect camera hack makes it possible for jumping and crouching in the dome to be replicated in the game.

So remember for those here in the United Kingdom make sure to set a reminder or record the show for the 24th October 2011 ( which is a monday ) to see the Battlefield 3 Ultimate simulator by The Gadget Show on Channel 5.

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