nDreams loves Halloween but they also love PlayStation Home, and when the two come together you know there is going to be some awesome goodness heading into PlayStation Home. Well there certainly is, nDreams will be holding a 19-hour long round the world Halloween Party! 

Patrick – CEO, nDreams Ltd:

It all begins on Thursday 27th October as a special Halloween Aurora is launched. It’s eerie, ooky and all it needs is you, dressed in your spook-tacular Halloween costume. The new nSanity crazy heads range features some of the most fang-tastic avatar customisations we’ve seen. With Europe getting the Bling Reaper and Epic Reaper costumes for the first time and North America getting the Bling L’il Reaper companion (witch launched last week in Europe), creating your deadly new look couldn’t be easier!

Not only that, on Friday 28th October they will be releasing details of a week-long halloween competition! Which you could win some prizes.


Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Then on Halloween itself (Monday 31st October), we’re inviting everyone to join us in Aurora for a 19-hour round-the-world Halloween party. We’ll be hosting the Truly Terrifying Quiz (with prizes) while whizzing between Asia, Europe and America on our broomsticks to give away spell-binding (ouch) prizes. The party starts at 9pm in Australia and finishes at 10pm West Coast time in the U.S. (that’s 10am GMT on 31st October to 5am GMT the following morning!)

So join nDreams for the most spook-tacular home event of the year ( excluding Home Gear of course, my event biggrin ) Sorry nDreams!

(nDreams claims no responsibility for the bad jokes above) <– LIES!

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