According to the European PlayStation blog, Ghostlight is set to release Persona 2: Innocent Sin for the PSP on the 4th of November. *(edit: I wrote November 4th – States speak!)*

Persona 2: Innocent Sin never made it outside of Japan when it was originally released for the PSOne in 1999, and this release is made even more unique by the fact that there is no standard edition of the game available for purchase. Persona 2: Innocent Sin will be release in a Collector’s Edition for €49.99/£39.99 including:

  • Special Collector’s Edition box
  • UMD box featuring a double sided inlay
  • Official Soundtrack CD with original and remixed soundtrack, as well as arranged songs by Shoji Meguro all packaged in a stylish slim jewel case with inlay
  • 6 Double Sided Art Cards featuring the work of Kazuma Kaneko on the front and Shigenori Soejima on the reverse
  • A3 Poster featuring the box art in all it’s glory

Ghostlight is also taking pre-orders on its website for a Persona 2: Innocent Sin & Trails in the Sky – CE Double Pack for £69.98

Now, the question remains: Is it even worth spending money on PSP games right now when the Vita is coming out early next year? As of right now, Sony has not released anything to indicate that there will be a way for a gamer to use UMD content on the Vita. For those of you wanting to carry on your content between systems, most PSP games can now be found and downloaded on the PSN, which would make them playable on Vita.

In the United States, Atlus released Persona 2 concurrently with its digital form. Whether Ghostlight will be doing the same remains to be seen. However, it’s easy to see how the price attached to this CE can be rather steep, even more so when taking in consideration that the hardware will be superseded in a few months.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of JRPGs or a fan of the early days of Persona, this is definitely worth checking out.

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