During the Battlefield 3 E3 press conference it was announced that PS3 owners who purchased the game would also receive a free copy of Battlefield 1943.

Well EA has announced today via Twitter that this is no longer the case, and that PS3 fans can now expect exclusive timed DLC content instead. “In lieu of 1943 being available on disk for PS3 customers, EA has made all BF3 expansions available early to PS3 customers.”

Sounds like a kick in the teeth to us PlayStation gamers, we’ve gone from a free game to having timed DLC which we will have to pay for anyway. Seems a little bit cheecky by EA and probably isnt the best way to start Battlefield’s attack on Call of Duty. Plenty of gamers will feel a little peeved with this announcement.

How does this make you feel? Let us know below.


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