Sony Online Entertainment, LLC released Spooktacular on DC Universe Online late yesterday, the 24th of October, that will last until the 7th of November.

Spooktacular comes with various fixes and shiny updates. All players have been given access to a new four-man mission in Scarecrow’s lair in the sewers of Gotham. By defeating the Scarecrow, players will be granted tokens that can be exchanged in the special Spooktacular shop for new styles and various other items, including a pumpkin companion. Players are also able to acquire Spooktacular loot by defeating regular bosses and looting the Vault.

The update also increased the number of items in the cash shop as well as added a “legendary” button to the Marketplace in preparation of the change to Free to Play.

Last month, SOE reportedly announced that DCUO would go Free to Play by the end of October. With the looming deadline, as well as the super-quick, two-week Halloween event, it’s hard to say whether SOE will keep its timeline or bump the change of business model until after Spooktacular is done.

For a complete list of all the updates, fixes and additions, check out the DCUO forum.

UPDATE: According to SOE, DCUO will go Free to Play on the 1st of November.

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