We are just 2 days away from the release of the ‘GTA V’ (5) trailer and as expected speculation has been rife and there have been plenty of guesses as to what we should expect to see on wednesday.

Well if one anonymous user on ‘4chan’ is to believed then we have all of the Gun toting, police killing, prostitute hiring, car jacking info you have been waiting for.

Although not missing or dead, Niko Bellic, is only mentioned briefly. It is believed you will take on the role of a Hispanic man named Adrian. The game will be set in ‘San Andreas’ and you will start in the Los Santos District. This isn’t good news for Adrian as it is home to a rival gang ‘Varrios Los Aztecas’ who leave him beaten and penniless.

As previously touched upon the game takes place in ‘San Andreas’ which means that you will get to revisit all of your favourite locations from the PS2 original. This time you can expect them to be bigger and have lots more detail.

The anonymous person continues to say that the game is based heavily around money. Although this hasn’t been the core concept in previous titles I am sure it isn’t much of a surprise because money is the biggest asset of a gangster, right?

The Multiplayer mode will return this time offering an online Co-op  mode as well as other new match types for up to 32 players (Once we have some firm details on what these modes are you will be the first to know).

Gang turf wars are back and this time there are subsets of each gang. They are all immediately identifiable by their tag (Graffiti). Once you are at a good position within your own gang you will be able to customise your own tags.



That’s the obligatory spoiler warning out of the way,

As in ‘Red Dead Redemption’ your character is killed at the end of the story. From here on you will play as Adrian’s brother. There was no mention of a name but that he inherits the money that Adrian amassed during the game. Speaking of continuing story lines, GTA V, is a direct follow up to GTA IV so expect some flashbacks and character integration.

The ability to mod your car has returned and includes the ability to lower the suspension for all of your stereotypical gangster needs. There are a total of 9 radio stations although no details yet. Whilst modding your car make sure you keep it fast because R* have brought back the 6* Military penalty. The military are now referred to as the ‘National Guard’ and are still able to give you hell.

To even the ground a little the ‘silly cheats’ have returned, again, we have no information as to what they are but will keep you updated.

The Covering system has been greatly improved and morality decisions have been tweaked. There are 4 endings to GTA V, two of which are bad and two that are good. These can be affected by your decisions made during GTA IV.

The last things that were mentioned are the increased number of potential girlfriends and the parachute returns.

Wednesday is a big day for PS3 gamers. The Trailer for GTA V is just the icing on the cake. Uncharted 3 is released on wednesday as well as ‘Hydrophobia’s’ long awaited PSN debut (and it’s free to PS Plus subscribers). I believe now is the time to think about pulling a ‘sickie’ or just canceling those lectures.

Also to keep up with the countdown for the GTA5 trailer head to playstationer.net/#gta5

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