Morgan Haro from the PlayStation Blog announced yesterday that Jurassic Park: The Game by Telltale Games would be making its way to the US PSN on November 15th. It was not made clear whether they will be releasing all four episodes at once, or one at a time like other Telltale Games titles.

The bundle (episode 1-4) will cost $29.99 with a 20% discount given to Plus members. In order to garner more Plus subscriptions, however, PlayStation will throw the game in free with any new one-year subscription redeemed between today and November 8th. Three-month subscription will not count for this offer.

If you already have a Plus subscription, and you’d like to take advantage of the bundle offer, you can purchase a new one-year subscription that would stack on the time you have left.

The cost of each episode separately was not announced.

If your Plus subscription is expiring soon, then it’s definitely worth taking advantage of the offer. However, if you don’t care about Plus, buying the episodes separately might be the way to go as it may be easier on your wallet over time.

Also, I hated having bought the bundle for Back to the Future, and not being able to play all episodes at once. The delays on some episodes didn’t help either.

It’s all about preference, and PlayStation has left enough options on the table to satisfy everyone.

In the meantime, check out this trailer:

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