As we all know the PlayStation Home redesign is coming very close to becoming released. Well Jack Buser, Director of PlayStation Home recently talks more about the next steps for Home in his latest video tour. This will be heading to USA & Europe, except those in Europe will not have the Hub as the same as the USA. Apparently there is something else in store for Europe, and we will be sure to keep you updated in that area.

As you can see the Hub for PlayStation Home does look very modern/futuristic look, but does give a welcoming feel. With vegetation  coming down from the sides above the stores and behind posters. But lets hear what Jack Buser has to say in his video tour:

PlayStation Home will be coming a game itself, with so many games available at the moment in time. It will have its own quest system in which gives you tasks to complete and giving you goodies once you have successfully completed them too.

As we all know the hub will take the place of the central plaza.  Transporting you everywhere you need to go within PlayStation Home. With theme districts such as:

  • Sports Walk
  • Peer Park
  • Action District

With new games being introduced into the hub regularly, so you can play them directly in the Hub itself. You can visit places like Action District where it will send you spaces with games in such as Sodium 2 etc.  Sports walk is also just as great, allowing you to be kept updated with the latest Sports scores, and live updates from the world wide of sports. As well as Home Holdem ( In other words Texas Holdem ) again full of goodies to win!

Peer Park will be no different, giving visitors a really relaxing experience, being able to hop onto the farris wheel and watch the sunset while on it!

So a lot is being released, but what do you guys think of it? Do you like the new Home Redesign, or do you still need a lot more persuading? What are your opinions and thoughts, and leave them in the comment section below or tweet us @PlayStationerEU or following us on Facebook!

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