There has been very little mention of ‘Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest’ since E3. Worryingly the game is out next Friday (18th Novemebr) and still very little is known.

Thanks to the release of the demo on the U.S. ‘PS Store’ last week, I have had a chance to check out ‘Medieval Moves’ for myself and I have to say I was very impressed.


After dusting off my move controller and making sure it was charged, I was ready to battle the hordes of undead seen in the E3 preview. What I wasn’t ready for was the level of response from the PlayStation move remote. Just holding the remote as it were a sword hilt lets the game know you want to use, you guessed it, the sword. As I swung the remote through the air, Deadmund swung too in the exact same place. It wasn’t just the tracking that impressed but the detection of the amount of force I used and how it was equally matched.

The ease of going from the sword to anyone of the other items in Deadmunds possession is as simple as a button press. For example, if you are under attack and need a shield just press and hold the move button. If the undead animated training dummies are out of reach you have two options. Bow and arrow or Shuriken (Throwing star). To use either of them it is just a case of holding down the ‘T button’ and making the appropriate movement with the controller.

It won’t be as simple as throwing shurikens until all of the enemies are dead, no, there are strategies that need to be applied as the enemies come in varying types and will use all kinds of tricks to stop you from wiping them out. Learning the strategies for each enemy will mean the difference between success and failure.

'Oi, Big mouth'

The preview lasted about half an hour and was promising. The studio responsible for sports champions are behind this so I have high expectations for the game.

Have any of you played the Demo? What did you think? or are you looking forward to this after seeing the E3 demonstration from this years PlayStation conference?

Speak up, we want to know!

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