Vidzone has busy to the bone this year, and have been taking in feedback from the community & staff. Within that time they’ve created a brand new, improved user interface for the Vidzone Application. As you can see its a very clean, and modern feel and look. Giving users a completely new way of listening to their favourite music.

With a brand new  menu navigation page, making a lot more easier for users to search for the music they love. Allowing you to be able to see results instantly by typing in letters, with more the letters you type the more defined the search results.


Instead sifting through music videos you don’t like, there is a now a ‘ Zone ‘ ( genres ) to allow you to listen to music you like. For examples PopZone, MetalZone etc. Users will now have their own ‘ MyZone ‘ keeping your favourite playlist & channels in one place.  Not only that there is now a recommended area, making you see the results from that artist or related artists.  You can also now send your friends recommendations to Vidzone & to try it out.

There is also a V.I.P section, to show you what the latest music artists & bands are listening to.


Watch what the stars are watching – Your favourite artists have been on VidZone and have saved their playlists in our VIP Zone. Artists include Blink 182, LMFAO, Justice, Professor Green, Pixie Lott and more!

So what do you think of the new Vidzone 2.0 update? Would love to here you thoughts here on comment section below, or on Facebook, Twitter & Google+!

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