Well apparently according to Sony sharing is no longer a necessity  in the PlayStation universe. From yesterday Sony has introduced  it’s new sharing rules which above all will stop you and four friends playing yours or their purchases. Instead you will only be able to play games you bought on two registered Playstaion’s or PSP’s. Most likely yours or your best friends/sibling.

As a shred of comfort Sony has confirmed that all games purchased before the 18th November 2011 will still be able to be played on more than two consoles.  Sony also confirmed that gamers can sill deactivate and activate new accounts/consoles online.

What do you guys think of this? Personally I feel a little annoyed, I’ve stuck with Sony throughout what has been a rather dramatic and dismal year for them when it comes to customer service and to have a feature which allowed gamers to save some money and split costs is another kick in the teeth. And ultimately gamers and developers will suffer.

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