THQ and Sony Computer Entertainment have announced that games who purchased  Saints Row: The Third on PS3 and redeem their online pass codes within the next 90 days, they will receive a digital copy of Saints Row 2 absolutely free. What’s more amazing is Saints Row 2 is worth about £15 on the PSN so that’s a hefty free game.

THQ added in the press release that “Saints Row 2 will be available starting early next week for free, for all players who redeem their online pass in each new copy of Saints Row: The Third.  The offer expires on midnight on February 13, 2012, so be sure to redeem your online pass before then, and for those of you who have already done so, keep an eye out early next week for the content.”

Seems like a nice little extra for PlayStation fans and another in quite a list after the conformation of the Assassins Creed being packaged with PS3 copies of Revelations.

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