Word of the latest Sodium 2 Update for Playstation Home is just in, with new boosts and new rewards, coming this thursday.

This week in Sodium2 it’s Payback time! New rewards, rivalries and explosive launch boosts are all coming your way in this massive update.

We’re introducing a huge array of new rewards for your avatar and personal space. From Thursday November 24 you’ll be able to unlock up to 28 unique Sodium2 rewards by levelling up in Sodium2. As new XP levels are reached you’ll receive awesome new Sodium2 rewards, and those of you’ve who’ve already made it to the top of your game will get rewarded upon entering the Sodium2 launch grid!

But that’s not all. We’re also excited to introduce our new Rivals system! Now you can test your skills against more than just your friends in quick race mode! That’s right, now you can go head-to-head against any other player in the scene as well as the last 20 players you’ve challenged in multiplayer mode.

Finally we’ve added a new way for you to gain an advantage over your opponents with the Sodium2 Launch Boost system. Time things right and you’ll receive an explosive boost off the starting grid allowing you to surge ahead of your competitors to seize the lead!

The Sodium2 Payback update will be live on Thursday November 24, don’t miss out!


And here is the new rewards list

Lv.01 – Sodium2 Touchstone DX Rocket Booster Ornament

Lv.02 – Sodium2 Trackside Lamp

Lv.03 – Sodium Poster

Lv.04 – Sodium Sentry Chair – Yellow

Lv.05 – Sodium2 Personal Wind Farm Fan

Lv.07 – Sodium2 Firecracker DX Rocket Booster Ornament

Lv.08 – Sodium2 Industrial Counterweight Crane Replica

Lv.10 – Velocity Racer – Level 10 Accolade

Lv.11 – Sodium2 Turbulence DX Rocket Booster Ornament

Lv.12 – Sodium2 Blam! – Graphic Wall Art

Lv.14 – Sodium Quintepede Table – Red

Lv.16 – Sodium2 Sideline Lamp

Lv.17 – Sodium2 Terrapin DX Rocket Booster Ornament

Lv.19 – CoLD SToRAGE Head Logo Wall Mount

Lv.20 – Velocity Racer – Level 20 Accolade

Lv.21 – Sodium Tripod Table – Red

Lv.23 – Sodium2 Industrial Quadrapod Crane Replica

Lv.25 – Sodium Sentry Chair – Red

Lv.26 – Sodium2 Whooosh! – Graphic Wall Art

Lv.28 – Sodium2 Industrial Heavy Arm Crane Replica

Lv.30 – Velocity Racer – Level 30 Accolade

Lv.31 – Sodium Quintepede Table – Yellow

Lv.32 – Sodium2 Zoooom! – Graphic Wall Art

Lv.35 – Sodium2 Industrial Buzz Saw Replica

Lv.37 – Sodium Tripod Table – Yellow

Lv.39 – Sodium2 Whizzz! – Graphic Wall Art

Lv.40 – Velocity Racer – Level 40 Accolade


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