With the new release of Saints Row 3 releasing last week on 18th Noevember. Two staff members of PlayStationer team here thought it would be a good idea to start doing daily gameplay footage. This will basically continue till we’ve finished the game ( if we get there ) then we will move to another game ( We won’t stay on SR3 for too long thou ). You may know him, his name is Josh and he did work here till he moved to our sister site over at GTABlog.net. Which as we know will be releasing very soon.

This is just for a little bit of fun, but not only that it also lets you guys know if this is the game for you. We will be releasing a review of the game soon, and hopefully this will also help you make your mind up if you want the game or not. We will be travelling through missions and side missions and some really random things. Remember we will be releasing one each day, but as a treat we’ve set up 3 episodes for you all to watch, enjoy!

So we hope you enjoy these weekly gameplay footage, it should bring the video section of the site back up again. Any feedback or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below or tweet us @PlayStationerEU.


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